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Are you looking to lose weight?  Are you struggling, frustrated, suffering from significant health issues?  Do you want to work with someone that understands what its like to be obese?  If so please take a look at the information below.  I was once a large man weighing over 400 pounds and understand the frustration and isolation that can come with being over weight.  I created Wholesome Fitness and Nutrition so that I can bring my resources to you in a way that is comfortable and understanding of what its like to be obese in todays world.  Give me a call or email me and lets get together and make a plan to change your health the way that I changed mine!


     Wholesome Fitness & Nutrition provides a safe and informative environment for people of all levels of fitness.


     Using an informative and caring format we will provide fundamental education and guidance in all areas of fitness and nutrition. Our desire is to get people back to good health who have tried over and over again with little or no success.


     An initial consultation at your home or our location to determine the direction we take to start your transformation.  This is a chance to get to know one another so we can create the best plan possible.  The consultation is free of charge!

    We will create a personalized nutrition plan.  This plan will be tailored to work for you. If you have health concerns such as high blood pressure or diabetes we can help you create a meal plan that will address those concerns.

    We will develop a realistic and evolving fitness plan.  The plan will change with you, as you change so will your fitness plan.

    1:1 Fitness Sessions

     In home sessions. We come to you!

     As part of your plan you will be able to email or call us if you have questions or just need a friendly ear.

We will offer cycling coach services for those looking to rediscover how wonderful and freeing riding a bicycle can be. If you’re already a rider and are looking to take your skills further we are here for you too!

Please come in or give me a call for rates.

Below is a picture of me back in 2005 in Florida.  At that time I weighed over 400 pounds 
Below is a picture of me in 2009 in San Francisco.  By that time I had lost about 200 pounds! 
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I am proud to announce that Wholesome Fitness and Nutrition has teamed up with the Maine Time Trial Series and our house cycling team Team Velo Grande to co-sponsor the 2013 Maine Time Trial series State Championship on 08/25 in Topsham.  If your a rider and want to try some thing new or an avid cyclist come out and give it a try.  These races are open to anyone at any level.  For more information follow this link: https://www.bikereg.com/Net/20263
We are located at:
361 High St
Bath, ME 04530
News and Notes

On June 19th the American Medical Association published that they have change obesity from a "risk" to a disease.  This is a significant change in thought for the AMA.  Check out the link to the AMA to read
Some of our local friends!

The Universe Gym-Bath ME:  Owners Kari and Shane McKenna are great in both how they support the community but more importantly how they support their clients.  Alison and I are among them and cannot say enough about how they have helped us over the years.  They have all the right equipment and Kari offers a variety of classes.  Their memberships are VERY reasonable as well.  Check them out at http://theuniversegym.com/

Jerry's Bike Barn-Berwick ME:  Jerry created his business to be there for anyone that needs help with a bike.  Jerry can fix anything, build you a custom bike, or just fix a flat!  Jerry is there and wants to give you the service that you deserve at a VERY competitive price!  Check him out at www.jerrysbikebarn.com

Team Velo Grande, Bath ME

Team Velo Grande was created by three cyclist who love cycling in general but also love to race.  This love doesn't change the fact that they didn't look like the typical bicycle racer who are small in stature.  TVG was created to show that no matter your size you can challenge even the best of the best.  Check them out!


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